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I've been eyeing the Marvel online thing, and I have something of a plan for that. I want a Google Nexus, and will hopefully get one within the next few months. I like the idea of a tablet, but really hate iOS, and the Nexus is the first Android tablet with across the board rave reviews. Once I have such a thing, if Marvel has released Android compatibility, then I'll buy in. =)

Luckily, I am untemptable, because I do not in fact have the money to spend no matter how much I would want to. xD Harold's only recently gotten into superhero-type comics too. He's pretty much a modern-only guy though, not a lot of interest in the older styles. To be fair, it's a pretty huge shift from 80s Claremont X-Men to modern day fare.

Because of all the crazy crossover-ing and shifting of the entire mutant world and whatnot, I'm more or less waiting to see how the characters settle out before picking my new favorites to follow. Except for Rogue and Gambit, because I'll always love them. I've been waiting to see how/where Frenzy will resurface, because I really liked her character throughout Legacy. I'd really love for Hisako to resurface as a main character too. She was great in Manifest Destiny.

I'll let him know that there will be lol-creepy shots available should we pick those two. =)

Jesus, I think someone must be moving either in or out of my building. It sounds like they're just dropping sofas down the stairs.
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