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Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
The ppl above us are the worst, as their childrens never stop moving. Ever.

Also Autumn has finished posting the photos she got of us. There's about a dozen in total, which is cool. I approve!

The Nexus is already compatiable w/ Comixology, so you'll be able to get some older stuff on the cheap as is. As for the Marvel DCU, I think it goes live for iOS in December, so I imagine early 2013 for Android.

As for who's gonna end up where. Gambit's in Astonishing and his ongoing, Rogue's in Uncanny Avengers, Wolverine's crew will be in WaTXM and All New X-men, alongside the original 5, and whoever Cyke will be running with (Mags, Emma, Magik I imagine).Legacy will become Legion's book, and I have no idea with what's going on w/ adjectiveless X-men post January. Plus some mutant may end up as Avengers. COMICS EVERYONE!
Autumn is definitely great. I love the pics. =D

Thanks! I can't afford to keep up to date on releases, so I'm always on a lag when it comes to finding out what's happening to everyone. I knew about Rogue - I'm completely psyched for Uncanny Avengers in general. It's a shame Gambit won't be in the same series, but at the same time I'm sure there will be about a million crossovers and cameos, as usual. I'm pretty ehhh about Legion, which is why I'm hoping Frenzy will hop ship away from Legacy so I can read her with someone else. In general, though, I've always found it's just easier to go with the flow and pick up what seems fun at the time. =) Tracking everyone is work, and comics are supposed to be fun.

Comixology was actually one of the deciding factors for me about getting a tablet at all. I've been playing around with it on Harold's iPad, and it seems really good. I only wish they offered more collected runs instead of just singles. I love the collected trades for following a storyline that took place across multiple titles. See above re: my desire to have to put work into comics. xD
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