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Originally Posted by eebee View Post
Autumn is definitely great. I love the pics. =D

Thanks! I can't afford to keep up to date on releases, so I'm always on a lag when it comes to finding out what's happening to everyone. I knew about Rogue - I'm completely psyched for Uncanny Avengers in general. It's a shame Gambit won't be in the same series, but at the same time I'm sure there will be about a million crossovers and cameos, as usual. I'm pretty ehhh about Legion, which is why I'm hoping Frenzy will hop ship away from Legacy so I can read her with someone else. In general, though, I've always found it's just easier to go with the flow and pick up what seems fun at the time. =) Tracking everyone is work, and comics are supposed to be fun.

Comixology was actually one of the deciding factors for me about getting a tablet at all. I've been playing around with it on Harold's iPad, and it seems really good. I only wish they offered more collected runs instead of just singles. I love the collected trades for following a storyline that took place across multiple titles. See above re: my desire to have to put work into comics. xD
Trades are weird. Try the actual Marvel/DC apps for collections. I know Nook has Day 1 digital trades for DC now. Marvel? Fuck if U know.

Also now we have 2 threads, yay.

BTW, managed to get a hold of our lost Selena/Shaw from NYCC. She seems to be down for any futures shoots we have off or on cons!
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