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Hi!! few questions from an aspiriing cosplayer here !!

*not sure which category this is suppose to be at*

After seeing videos center around cosplays like Dragon-Con 2021, I was inspired to join their ranks. Since I have no idea about how to make cosplays , I just have a few questions to give me an idea on how to start out.

Question numero uno - What experience did you have before you first started cosplaying like did you took classes that involve costume making or did you research home-made ideas?

Question too..i mean two!! I can spell!! - What material would you use to make something that covers the whole body like "armor" out from Halo, MMORPG , Warhammer 40k , Mass-effect. Also for something less clunky like Zer0 from Borderlands 2

A follow up to that can you make create a couple sentence explaining the process of making them :X
I will be sure to reply with more questions...thanks you for answering!! :3
You will get good-karma points for it!!
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