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In terms of framing the subject, the tilt is fine. It allows you to nicely frame the flowing dress.

However, two other critiques:
1) In portraiture, the background is almost as important as the subject. Look past the subject, what do you see? That pole is killllllling me. Take a half-step to the left and turn slightly to the right, and the pole will be gone. The cars and the building are not so great either, but maybe you couldn't avoid them in this location.

If your lens will do it, a wider aperture (for less DOF) can help make the faraway background elements less distracting.

2. Stay out of direct sun if you can. It makes hard shadows that are hard to work with, and it makes the subject want to squint and wrinkle up their face. Her face is a bit underexposed here, especially where her hair and brow cast a shadow onto her eyes. You can use fill flash or reflector to help mitigate this, or get the subject into the shade.
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