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These are all great. XD This is such a fun fandom to be a part of!

I debuted my Rose Tyler cosplay at a small con near me in PA. It was the last day of the con so there weren't a whole lot of people left but there was a 4th Doctor, 10th Doctor, and 11th Doctor. The lady at the registration table mentioned them, so right away we were on the lookout.

We found Four first. He was almost 7 feet tall and absolutely sweet and adorable. He offered us "jelly babies" but for lack of actual jelly babies, had Swedish Fish.

A bit later we found 11 as we were sitting around eating. We asked for a picture, but he seemed in a hurry. But in true Doctor fashion he goes, "follow me!" and we all abandon our seats and food and follow him in zig zags through the hall until we ended up in Artist Alley, where we got our picture and then he disappeared.

All day we kept hearing people mention there was a 10th doctor walking around but we couldn't find him, and it was such a tiny venue too. We were having a bit of fun with the fact that I was Rose and was trying to get back to the doctor. FINALLY late in the afternoon we stumbled upon him and he yelled "ROSE!" and gave me the biggest hug ever. Turns out he'd heard about a Rose cosplayer walking around and had been searching for me too. XD

It was just really a great first time using that cosplay, I can't wait to do it again and see what shenanigans I can get into.
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