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seems like you've already gotten plenty responses but something that really helped me out was knowing exactly how many calories I should be eating each day; for fat loss you should probably be eating 500cal less than your TDEE which is normally 10 - 12* your bodyweight in lbs of calories.
Hit around that number every day and make sure you are hitting your proper macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, fats) myfitnesspal also gets you set up nicely so you probably already know about that. Eating 1.25g of protein per lbs each day lets you easily calculate how much fat / carbs you should be eating.

I'd recommend eating these foods especially: chicken breast, steel cut or rolled oats, brown rice, salmon, tilapia, tuna, almonds / nuts, almond milk, greek yogurt.

Of course your diet is incomplete without proper cardio / resistance training / weight lifting

TL;DR Weight loss is just math, hit your numbers correctly and you are guaranteed to lose or gain weight.
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