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Originally Posted by Kilo View Post
As far as aqua goes, I've found ColourMax so far, but I've already got a pair of their grey so I'm looking to branch out. Generally I order from Pinky Paradise, but I was curious about which brands would be best for dark eyes. In the other colour thread, the links that were for the gorgeous aqua lenses I saw were filtered out.

I was looking at the Geo Twin Series, which may okay, but I wasn't sure. The idea is the Mako Eyes effect from FFVII. I could go for green, too, but I have the DollyEye blue and green and while both colours are gorgeous, neither are light enough for my purpose.
For aqua contacts for dark eyes I would try The ones from Extreme Color and ColorTone are really vibrant, and the "Angelic" one from Theatrical Lenses is too. I'd also look at the aqua in Colored Contacts. Those would be my suggestions, just look around the site, the price is in Euros, but they ship to the U.S.
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