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Talking My Little Pony Gathering Anime Expo 2013

Hey hey every po-nay! Discord and Shining Armor here! Let's have a gathering!

Day 4, 12PM noon, Near Site 3, immediately outside West Hall. Everything is the same as last year.

Current cosplayer list:

-Kohalu (Discord)
-TheKaitoBLUE (Vinyl Scratch)
-Queenie (Applejack)
-dapper-cake + bf (RD + AJ)
-Kirakira712 (Chrysalis)
-AJisEverywhere + 1
-bananahorn (Scootaloo + Gilda)
-TillyMunson + group
-tracymonster + 6
-littlemagpie13 + 9
-jellyneko (Fluttershy)
-rmtakesover (Pinkie Pie)
-goneforever (Fluttershy)
-ZENGO366 (Rainbow Dash)

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