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Horay for new forum and no more re posting lol. Thanks for organizing the information. lol.

My resin is still curing, but I feel I did the big one wrong, because It has soo many bubbles in it. The corners for the bottom (where its flat) is flimsy and its cracked at a corner. Im not too worried as those flimsy is going to be covered anyway. Everything else though is solid. I moved my pieces from the garage to the laundry room, because its alot warmer then the garage and probably will cure better. For the foam, I might try sealing it with an iron, because its flat pieces on the side anyway.

Even so, like I said many times before, I still have plenty of resin left to use to recast. And I could sell it if I hate how it looks.

Im using a fire lighter to get rid of bubbles. This lady uses a torch thing, but I don't have anything like that, so Im sticking in with the cheap lol.
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