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Your kind of right that its kind of new costume, even though fi has been out for awhile. It wasn't much of a hype until the game came out, which was just a few months ago. In a way its kind of exciting, because Im really planning and budgeting my costume better. Although the budget for me has already gone over. I was aiming for $150 and I think now its heading towards $200 already. But its still pretty good with coupons and taking advantage of discounts lol. If it wasn't, I would of been at $400 already.

Well its more of the weird 3D oval shape that make it look poof out. I wasn't concerned too much about gathering, and pleating, since that is easy. And yea your right, making it look good is the hard part. In my thinking of a blanket slash cloak, it sounds simple enough, but Im also forgetting the weird flatness she still has when she lifts her cloak.

I just check my mail and what? $50 for a zentai??? I though it would be alot less then that. I think I should make sure and ask how much was your zentai? That definitely pushes it over $200.
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