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The 60D is a really nice and competent camera, you'll get a lot out of it. 6400ISO is quite usable if you nail the exposure - but if you miss the exposure it's tough to recover anything. I started with the XTi, upgraded to a 60D, then three weeks ago I blew my entire annual bonus on a 5D3.

Directing and posing is tough. I'm finally starting to get semi-comfortable at it, and it's taken a lot of work. Study photos you like, study clothing catalogs and magazine ads, watch posing videos... and just practice. I'm usually pretty quiet and introverted, but I've had to really FORCE myself to come out of my shell to get better at directing and posing others.

For cons, maybe learn a few general-purpose poses that work for a variety of characters, and suggest them to any cosplayer who doesn't have a pre-set pose for their character.
- Have them hold the weapon/prop out toward the lens, but still focus on the eyes. See example one, below.
- For girls, flash the ol' V-sign (two fingers) and do an exaggerated wink. So cliche, but often works and can be very cute.
- For facial expressions, an extremely exaggerated facial expression usually looks great on a cosplayer, but you have to be watchful for any facial features that don't "play nice" with particular expressions: double chins, extra-wrinkled foreheads, etc. Different expressions work for different people and characters, there's no one-size-fits-all.
- One of my favorite tricks is this: "I'm going to count to three, and on three, I want you to open your eyes as WIDE AS YOU CAN, without moving your eyebrows or wrinkling your forehead" That'll usually get a fun, semi-surprised expression. See example 2, below.
- Do a Youtube search for Peter Hurley's "it's all about the jaw" - his advice is invaluable if you encounter a person who naturally has a little bit of double chin.

I find it helps break the ice and loosen them up if I demonstrate the pose or facial expression for them... especially if I'm demonstrating a "sexy pose" for a female model. That's good for a chuckle.

Example 1 - this is standing on the sidewalk outside our favorite comic shop, on Free Comic Book Day. I used the 60D's wireless flash capability to get the flash (430EXII) off-camera, and had him point the sword at my ear. If I remember right, I was holding the camera with my right hand and holding the flash at arm's length in my left hand.

Example 2 - this is at a staged photo session, but it's one of my favorite successes of the "on three, open your eyes real wide" face. Obviously, I had off-camera flash here, but just wanted to show the facial expression.

Circus.20120618.0747.jpg by nathancarter, on Flickr

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