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Cosplay MV Parody

Howdy Cosplayers! I'm sure you all will be very busy at Otakon but I'm looking for some interest in a cosplay MV. We've all seen them (think ackson videos, for an example of what I'm talking about.)

I'm a member of a cosplay group, Vunderbra Cosplay. We usually shoot videos and parodies, but this time we're planning something a little different. It will be a cosplay showcase video, but we would like to have a little fun with it. Dancing, lip singing, silly faces, whatever you'd like to do.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, just reply here! I know a lot of these videos are known for only showing certain cosplayers repeatedly, and I'd like to change that. We will be recording each day, inside and out. When this gauges enough interest, we'll work on time slots and such a little closer to the convention!
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