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Originally Posted by kuroki-neko View Post
im just glad GT is not censored like dbz kai is. sometimes i wish the simpsons was on more than once a night (hours worth 2 episodes) i could watch that show over and over. the only bad thing is some channels have the same commercials over and over so i react like this
Dude..Even DBZ in english was MAJORLY censored..Watch it subbed..WAY better..
But they didn't edit too much of GT on nick..Which struck me as odd for them....But then again they put it on the "NickToons" which also has Invader Zim so....More older kid stuff lol

Angelic_Trancy, I pretty much HATE toonami now (The anime time on adult swim now)..I mean don't get me wrong, I like some bleach..and I LOVE Cowboy beebob (as well as a few others on there), but they don't play much worth watching that I haven't already seen..Don't they know some people are sleeping at that time anyway? I wish CN would have put toonami back on in the afternoons..And through some REAL Tenchi Muyo and some Big O into that shit or it's not toonami anymore....Now it's just "mainstream-anime-that-everyone-likes-because-no-one-will-watch-us-otherwise-tv" lol
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