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Post Boston bowling gathering

Hi all,
Another year is coming to a close, much is ahead. I talked to the guys at Boston Bowl here again and will be setting up a group rate for us...again...they like us there XD

ok, one thing:choosing a month was somewhat difficult.
er, choosing the group plan could be difficult.
We'll manage ^^
So instead of voting, took for suggestions to try and please everyone(goal). I threw some plans and dates at yall and we sorted it out. Pm's always welcomed/MADE for this kinda thing.
May 3rd

used to be a donation thing (katrina hurrcane)along with the fun, totalling $20.

actual case this yr and REAL example: 1hr bowl, bowling shoes, 10 tokens,slice pizza+soda
$12.50 (not $20 like past yrs)
Oddly fitting in where everyone else in the world stares at your group?
for everything else, there's the real world

Info on the bowling center:
820 William T Morrissey Blvd
Dorchester, MA 02122

extras: a N.E.K.O. event (for us new englanders)

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