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ok, some pm choices have been mentioned here.
Feb 2/3 weekend (note:2 weeks before katsu)
March 1/2 weekend(note 3 weeks before AB)
March 8/9 weekend (got a couple of these)
April 5/6("after things have settled" XD)
I'm gona throw this out there, I'm not sure who will not be busy the week immediatly before AB, and on top of that willing to travel into town 2 weeks in a row. Us local-locals yeah, but Astro's is the first I've heard of this choice, but it counts as a choice since someone did suggest it.
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The first time a bowling event was scheduled was the weekend after Katsucon, which worked out to be a good follow up after a con. Since this event is local, I would vote either the weekend before or after AB. That way, cosplayers have some time to make new friends before the con, or meet up with friends they've met at the con.
I've kept in contact with Boston Bowl, and am deciding to just keep the 12.50 package deal unless otherwise said or beaten with a tasssle at the end of a dullsword...or a wig head on a stick
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