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Originally Posted by gelflinggal View Post
one and the same

It would be best to purchase a swatch when you want to be really accurate, however, I didn't this last time and the yellow satin I got was perfect for the Snow White I'm making. Lucked out for sure. Rule of thumb- ALWAYS order swatches.

But with Ariel's dress I'd definately order swatches
Yeah, I guess swatches would be the best idea. There's one site I love because they give you 10 swatches right off the bat, free of charge including s&h. Then an additional 10 free swatches with each order you make. ^_^ Pretty awesome.
But $1 certainly isn't going to break me. lol. A swatch is the safest, smartest choice, I'll get to ordering it right away. Thank you sooooo much for you help! I really appreciate your imput and advice!
(and I hope you'll tell me when you have those Snow White pics up!)
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