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Originally Posted by Reily96 View Post
Hmmm... so I have a question for folks.

If anyone's paid any attention to my random ramblings, you'll know I'm working on a pony cosplay. After putting the finishing touches on my Derpy wings, I got my ears and decided to pin them to my hat to see what they looked like. And it looked... odd. It's a newsboy cap, specifically this one. As you can see, it puffs out at the top as per the style, to put pony ears on it would look unnatural. I've already got Pegasus wings, popping out from the sleeve holes of my capelet/vest thing (it's hard to explain)... In this case would it be okay to go without the ears or should I pin them upright more by the joint between cap and visor, closer to where my natural ears would be?
I can see why it would be really weird looking. I think see how it looks with ears in the "natural" position. I think it would be fine without ears(It's a gijinka right?). You have the wings which would be a huge indicator I think. ^_^

Does anyone know how to remove hot glue from wood? :/ The pommel is attached nicely to the hilt at the moment but there is glue that seeped out and it's bugging the heck out of me. If this wasn't a competition cosplay I would not be caring this much. >_<
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