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> any advice on how you did the light blue, Rosiel, would be appreciated.

Light blue is an ART. LMAO.

Basically you need to get rit dye, liquid kind, in their dark denim color. Use ALL of it (i.e. more than you should need). Heat the water. Make sure it's not too hot (i.e. won't melt the wig) then dunk the wig, stir, take out. Rince to have desired color but NOT until it runs clear because then you will have achieved *drumroll* silver. When the wig is the right color, hang to dry.

This doesn't tangle nearly as much as the acrylic method and the hair won't stick together.

Brush once it is dry.

If you rinced off too much color, then dunk it back.
This is the result

You will want to avoid rain, though, or your wig could bleed.
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