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Originally Posted by Bobbi View Post
What we call Lolita fashion these days differs a bit from the fashions in the 70's. Here's an interesting article showing the evolution of the fashion.
Yup, and what might have been called Lolita in the late 70's/early 80's was brands like Pink House, which still have a very "Little House on the Prairie" vibe, and would probably be considered more mori now. Which is fine, since fashion breathes and evolves, but it's definitely different from the Lolita of the late 90's/00's, which is what the current fashions are based on.

And of course since Lolita as a style draws heavily from historical influences (primarily French Rococo and English Victorian) there is a certain timelessness to it.

But, there are things that are specific to the fashion, so you can't really lump it all in together. Same with little girls' clothing--they share common influences, but are different things, so it's really not accurate to say that you were a "Lolita since you were a little girl". It's completely different.

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