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I first became interested back in 2006/2007 but due to financial reasons I was not able to begin buying things until the past three years or so. I was also much too big to fit into brand dresses, but I have since lost weight and can fit comfortably into most dresses with shirring in the back. My closet of main pieces is still very small for the same reason - Lolita is clearly not my only hobby, so I divide my money between important things, cosplay and lolita.

I try to focus on trying to make the outfits I have look their best rather than collecting a million different dresses, as I unfortunately don't get to wear this fashion as much as I would like. Wearing it around my house is kind of pointless because I have two large dogs, and I live rather far from both of the communities in my state, but I do try to get out to events a few times per year.

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