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Whenever someone tells me I make a hot "-insert character name here-" or they tell me "WOW YOU'RE THE BEST -insert character name here- I'VE SEEN"

I actually went out on a photoshoot outing with a couple of friends a month ago and we were at a park to take some photos. There were a ton of other parties going on and so a lot of people were running around in ballgowns, fancy dresses, or tuxedos getting their photo taken around the park too. Some of them actually came up to us and asked if they could take a photo with us. They didn't know the characters we were cosplaying, but they said we looked really awesome so that was a great experience for me. ~

Honestly makes all of the time and money I've invested into my costumes all worth while just from hearing those compliments and people wanting photos of you ;p
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