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Originally Posted by oOKawaiiJessyOo View Post
Thanks for all the great advice for first-timers, TheAnarCHris! It's really nice to know the behaviour of the attendees at a con. Some anime conventions have gone on my bad list because of it...

My group was only able to get Saturday passes because we all waited too late for 3 day. REALLY looking forward to it. From what you've said, I understand there isn't too much cosplay; however, my group (8-9 people) will all be in League of Legends cosplay. I'm very excited!

Also thanks to riathewolf for the suggestion to take shuttles to the con. Is there a universal shuttle or do you just mean the ones from local hotels? We are staying outside the city near a friend and if we shouldn't drive in due to a better option, that would be awesome!
There's a dedicated LoL area inside the Exhibitor's Hall BTW. For maximum love, go to there.

For the shuttles, I'm not sure what the gameplan is this year. There were free shuttles last year because Anime Boston was the same weekend. I'm not sure what's going this year, although TBH, I have looked into it much.
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