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Originally Posted by CookieFruit
I've never cosplayed before, and I hope to be able to soon. I plan to go to the next anime con, but don't have any ideas on who to be. I'd like something that I can make by hand (I find it more fun that way) and will only take a couple of months to make. I prefer a natural anime look, but if makeup is necessary then I could give it a go.

Gender: Female
Height: On the shorter side; 5'1 but 4'11 from a distance. Weird, right?
Weight: Is this one really necessary? Last time I checked, 81 lbs
Nationality: Asian
Age: 14
Hair: A dark chocolate, seemingly black. Mid-back. Naturally curly at the ends
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Slightly tan
Other looks: I'm short, but proportionate. I just have a small body frame. My friends say my face actually looks like something from an anime. I'm rather flat-chested *sob*.

With glasses:

Wigs: No
Contacts: No
Glasses: Sure
Crossplay: My face is a bit feminine for it (as people say), but if there's a girly-ish enough looking guy out there then sure
Revealing: ....No thank you
Sewing skills: Meh. I prefer the glue-and-staple methods xD

Thanks for helping!
Bumpity again! (With included pictures. Finally found some not-so-nasty ones)

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