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@ der achte amsel; Japan from APH, Yukio from Ao no Exorcist, Hibari or Lambo from Reborn, Komui from D.Gray-man, Izaya from Durarara!, Ryuji from Toradora, or Ishida from Bleach. :3 Hope you'll find someone you like!

@ iritlus; I can see you as Riza (FMA), Belarus or Hungary (Hetalia), and maybe someone from Disney movies... Tinkerbell, Rapunzel too c:

@ CookieFruit; the DA link doesn't work @w@ from your description, I think you'd make a cute Mio from K-On, Seychelles or Taiwan from Hetalia, Rin from Fate/stay night, Haruhi Suzumiya (long haired vrs.).

@ cphantasm89; you'd make such an awesome Suguro from Ao no Exorcist *__________* your face is perfect for him! Tyki Mikk would be cool, too.

Theeen, this is me:,
5.6'', 106 lbs, willing to wear wigs and contacts/crossplay.
Someone has advices? :3
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