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Originally Posted by feistiestcrayon View Post
Lastly, you, sir, are incredibly full of yourself. Theirs may not be 100% perfect - I do agree that the bias tape looks a bit rough - but yours isn't perfect, either. The fit of the bottom seems a bit tight, the bias tape should be grey instead of white, I could go on and on. I'm not saying that it's terrible, because it's not, by any means...but quit acting like you're the best. Even if you are the best, it's wrong to act like you are.
Oh I forgot about this...I'm not being full of myself. I'm not saying MINE is perfect..It's not..Most anime costumes are impossible to be perfect..

What I'm getting at s, he paid for a commission..THAT person should have done better. I am by no means a costumer, and I got it looking more accurate. I'm saying as a commissioner who clames to make costumes, they should be able to produce something better then I can. I think he makes a great Kirito, but a commissioner should produce at least a little better work..It looks rushed, which with our con still just under 2 months away (more then 2 at that time) they shouldn't have needed to rush it.
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