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I normally just take everything I'm given at CC with happiness, but then I had a thought today while working.

I would LOVE to learn from someone with experience either drafting or interpreting patterns, sort of the basic ins and outs of commercial patterns - the terminology, the reasoning behind things like shaping, interfacing, ease, etc, and when/where it's safe to eliminate or change steps in the pattern. Like a lot of costumers I'm entirely self-taught, so I don't have any of the history of fashion and couture that designers and such might have, so there's some things I can't actually say I know a lot about. Like, for example, ease and why every single pattern includes sleeve cap ease whether you need it or not. I'd love a crash course in commercial patterns and what is/isn't necessary to know about them before using them. If not for myself, then for everyone else who actually needs that info and isn't merely curious like I am.
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