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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
I'm curious now about the DVD/Blu-Ray version.

Thanks for sharing those schematics bhl88 that's exactly what I was looking for.

The one in anime is very boxy so you could built it out or cardbox or plastic sheets.
The concept one is very organic in design and would be best to made out of wood minus the PVC tube for the barrel. The wood riffle I bought as the most similar shape to the concept on. I would need to add another wood segment to the under side to form the loop and thin down the but on the top side.
Though truthfully, I wanna use it as a sword (I'll probably end up using it heavily during cosplay chess [if people know Archer]... or I end up using it for a fight scene with another Mami Tomoe)... so I was thinking if I can make it fiberglass and plastic for the rifle butt (and the body close to the butt) and wood for the ones farthest from the butt [places that would less likely make contact]). Is there another way to harden the wood for moderate to heavy usage?
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