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Also, is there a fabric that can be easily cut? I really don't want to ruin the bodysuit on the first try. If stabilizing is the way to go, I don't mind, but I am a beginner in sewing and especially with spandex.
All of this tells me that you are not yet at a place where you can do this quickly. You sound like you've got the ooomph to try new things, but I'm specifically talking about time. I'm really experienced and this would take me several long days to do. Through the last year of teaching absolute beginners I've settled on a formula:

my real time doing a sewing task = A

A x 3 = Beginners minimum sewing time
A x 4 = Beginners average sewing time

So, if a dress takes me two hours, it''l take a beginner 6-8 hours to complete in the same manner.

The fastest way to do this is not to sew at all, but paint flesh tone into the diamonds. That will get you something you can wear fastest. The up side is you can still do the sewing and cut out your diamonds later, when you've got many hours to dedicate to it.
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