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MLP Cosplay Music Video: Smile! [Need Participants!]

Hello fellow Bronies/Pegasisters! We are in need of your help!

We are looking for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Cosplayers (and fans!) to help make a Live-Action Pony Music Video! This is one the BIGGEST projects that we have ever done... EVER. We’re very excited, and hope for a good turnout!

Live-Action PMV Details:

Song: Pinkie Pie's "Smile Song" Remix by The Living Tombstone
Location: Katsucon 19 at National Harbor, Maryland

Extremely beautiful setting with great spots to shoot. We will be filming inside and in the gardens immediately outside of the convention, depending on the weather.

Date/Time: Saturday, Feb. 16th. Hours TBD, but likely mid-morning/afternoon.

Times will vary between the solo shots and the group shots. There is no confirmed time, but it will be determined soon (and will take time preferences from cosplayers into account!)

Directors: Anti-Shoujo and Mayuki497 (filming), StarsCassiopeia (coordination)

My friend Damian and I will be the ones filming the scenes and editing the video. If anyone wants to help out with the making of it or has any filming skills, PLEASE contact us from the contact links below!

StarsCassiopeia (“Cass”) will also be helping organize cosplayers for the larger group numbers, so please feel free to contact her as well with any interest!

Cast List

Pinkie Pie: Leftrightchu
Rarity: Jujumanji/friend
Rainbow Dash (looking for a Gala version!):
Twilight Sparkle: StarsCassiopeia
Applejack: SonicSilliness
Fluttershy: Hyperlittlenobodies

NOTE: We WILL need more Mane 6 cosplayers for the big group shots! Any variant is fine.

Apple Bloom:
Apple Blossom:
Big Macintosh:

Other Ponies/Cosplayers:
DJ Pon-3/ Vinyl Scratch: Anti-Shoujo
Neon Lights: Miyaki497

Rules and Requirements:
  • You must be registered for the con/have a con badge. This is VERY IMPORTANT! It’s kind of hard to film you in the con center if, y’know, you’re not at the con.
  • Solo characters (Rainbow Dash, Big Mac, Apple Bloom, Apple Blossom, Scootaloo) need to touch base with us in advance! There is no exact time for when your cosplay should be completed, but we would really like to see a preview of it before con so we can recognize you! We understand exactly how it feels to be up at 3 AM the night before working on accessories, so if that is you, please send an email to Anti-Shoujo’s contact below. (I have my emails sent straight to my phone, so I will answer!)
  • Figure out your schedules! We know it is a convention and people will want to go to the Dealer’s Room/ Artist’s Alley/Game Room/Panels/etc., but to do this well we’ll need some of your time. If you’re a background character, this should be easier, as we won’t need you for too long. We are trying to do the group shots with the photoshoot, so that everyone can gather together (for group shots).
    Leads, please email us about any conflicts you may have with the shoot (once a time is established). We’re obviously going to need you there for more time than people who are in the chorus!
  • THIS IS NOT A FLASH MOB! I know! You are probably like, “Wait? I thought this was a dance-thingy-cosplay-mob-group?” This will be an organized (we say this loosely) video shoot. We’re going to give the con staff a heads-up just in case, but we’d like to keep the chaos controlled as much as possible.
  • Follow general con rules / etiquette. Enough said.

Website Groups: These website groups are to help you keep track of any updates we make to the plans!
Facebook Group
Tumblr: Track “Smile! The Musical”. We’ll tag all relevant posts with that.

Anti-Shoujo’s Contact Information:
E-mail: Sinsany101[@]
Tumblr + DeviantART + Youtube (This is where the video will also make its debut.)

StarsCassiopeia’s Contact Information:
E-mail: starsofcassiopeia[@]
Tumblr & DA are in signature.

Miyaki497’s Contact Information:
Tumblr: N/A
Youtube +

Can't wait to smile with you!

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