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Originally Posted by KittyCourtz View Post
I've been having a really rough time with my art, especially trying to get commissions. Since I'm a perfectionist, I won't draw something until I have all the reference images I need to make it look perfect. Some days I won't end up drawing anything and I'll feel like crap later at night. I sometimes hate myself for not being able to overcome my issues. =( Also, I have no idea how else to get people to buy my art, seeing as some stuff is a little risque (did I say a little? I meant A LOT). I at least want people buying my cat art, maybe of the some pin ups as well.
I feel you bro, I often find myself working on a piece over several weeks. Just going back and reworking things again and again but never fully happy. The only way I'v come to really find some level of contentment in what I draw is to draw every damn day. No matter how horrendously shit it is.

If you want to get out of heavily relying on reference's (not that there's anything wrong with using them) so heavily maybe try the 30 second pose work? I am sure youtube has plenty of videos full of life models for you to use.

I find that I don't really feel satisfied myself just using a reference for everything, but once I am able to go a little further on my own and see a reference but not need it in it's entirety I end up happier with my results.

I believe we refer to that kind of friend as a 'leech'. They are fine to receive the efforts of people around them but will not give time and energy into maintaining relationships.

Dare I say she's gotten worse because her friends pander to her? How is she suppose to get her shit together if everyone around her just grumbles and does what she asks? Not that it's your fault she's a jerk, but you're not a human door mat the last time I checked; unless you're a new hybrid species that is.

People aren't your friends when they take and don't give.

People aren't your friends if they make you feel shitty about yourself, your life, or your choices.

People aren't your friends when they use and manipulate you as a means to an end.
Iíll tell you what people look like, really: they look like flames. Or like the stars, on a clear night in the wilderness.
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