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We plan the Game of Thrones meet-ups at Dragoncon and this year decided to host a just GOT event - we'll be posting more on Dragoncon in 2013:

There is a Game of Thrones Con called Ice and Fire Con next year that is in Ohio, conceived at Dragoncon, or should I say hatched.It's one of the only fan based literary ASOFAI conventions that I've seen in America. And I know that GRRM said he'd be able to go to it if it is still around in like two years (I know he must be really busy right now and those that go the first year get first chance at tickets that year).

Websites include: and

There is a long blog about it here:

It basically says: THE ICE & FIRE CONVENTION is being held at Ravenwood Castle in south-central-ish Ohio, FRIDAY APRIL 26th – SUNDAY APRIL 28th. Yes panels and accommodations are in the Castle and castle cottages. We are planning photoshoots, a mock Westeros election, several panels, a mini-tournament, a gaming night, medieval lunch, high teas, feast and costume contest, actually many contests for awesome prizes. All completely ASOIAF-related, of course.
There will be three price tiers for tickets (two of which include a meal or meal[s]) and you *must* stay on site accommodations, but castle rooms are pretty affordable and include breakfast.
We have Day Tickets Left.

If you might go let me know – I'd be glad to meet you. I'll be going as Cat and even have a book version "post-feast or should I say when-the-Reines-play-Cat" planned for Feast and After-feast, which should be fun as I plan to play the old version board game like that.
Upcoming events:

  • Finished: She-Ra, Hathor (SG-1), G-Girl (My Super Ex-Girlfriend), Circe (or Leta), Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi), Scarlet Witch, Inara with crossbow prop (Serenity), Hermione's Red Dress (HP7), Lady Catelyn Stark (GOT), Electra, Baroness, Newmar Catwoman, Sha're (SG-1), Ceremonial Leia, Fiona and Lessa (Pern), Romana I, Prof. McGonagall (HP)
  • My service dog, Cinder is wearing: K.9. (Dr. Who), Gold Dragon Weyrling (PERN), and Gryffindor.

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