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Originally Posted by Angel Miki View Post
A. Definitely A.

Would you rather...
A. Face the possibility of people laughing at you because you're a bit on the chubby side and wearing a bare-stomach, thigh-revealing cosplay
B. Cover yourself up and never consider the possibility of looking incredibly awesome in that cosplay and having people want tons of pictures of you despite the fact you're not "skinny enough".
Strictly speaking, I think it depends on how chubby you mean. I mean I'm not stick-thin, but whilst that won't stop me from cosplaying, it would stop me from dressing as someone like Kamina from TTGL or anyone from Gundam Seed who by definition have to be quite gaunt.

On the other hand, whilst I don't mean this in a misogynist way, I am male and straight - and women that are a bit curvy are more my type than those who are really thin - so speaking from a totally selfish perspective, I love to see a slightly chubbier Yoko or Felicia, not just because of their body type but their confidence in doing so speaks volumes about their character. So A.

Originally Posted by arockalyptica View Post
I choose B because im no good at keeping track of little things.

Would you rather, when having only one cosplay with you:
A) Have your cosplay crumpled up on the way to the convention and not have access to any form or iron.
B) Spill something on your costume in the middle of the convention and walk around in it for the rest of the day?
I would say A, because most cons have on-site accommodation and I'm quite a gregarious person and would doubtless meet someone with an iron just after getting there.

Here's mine. Would you...

A: Have to risk being caught in the rain on an overcast day
B: Be potentially boiling on a day during a heatwave
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