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Well a group of friends and I are planning to do Imitation PoPs 宇宙戦隊 NOIZ cosplay (Zero no Keifu outfits), and I hope this works out. XD I myself will be cosplaying Masato. (Wish me luck lol @_@)

As for costumes for the rest of the depends on who's going. XD I have a couple of friends that want to go but might not be able to. If they do go, then I'll likely be wearing Yokan Toshiya. If they don't, I might end up wearing it anyways. Either that, or I'll be talked into wearing my Myaku Kaoru AGAIN. >_>;; We'll see what happens though. XD;; May update later. ^^
Upcoming Costume List:
Barnaby Brooks Jr. (hero suit) - Tiger & Bunny - 100%
Lux (classic skin) - League of Legends - 10%
Link - A Link Between Worlds - 90%

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