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@Shouri no Hana: JUMP'N CHOCOBOS!!! YOU ARE GOING TO DALLAS FOR A-KON?!?! *DIES EPICALLY* Bawwww you ARE SO LUCKY!! That's a con I'd DIE to go to, all the cosplays, and lots of FF cosplays.... All of my US friends go to that con too. XD But gah.. you're very lucky! I am still saving up for a US con, buses are so bloody expensive all the way to Texas... >_< and no one here wants to go to any of those cons but me lol. You'll def have to tell me how that con goes, I hear that US cons are quite different from ours in Canada.

I'm loving all the cosplays all yous are planning for Anime North 2013 *.* Do posts updates on your progress if you can.~ (I can hardly wait to start mine!)
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