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Originally Posted by The Seventh Sea View Post
I don't know if I'd go that far about the pig thing, though when I see "Proud of You" propaganda on AFN, I feel like that's a load of bull.

lol you should meet this friend of mine and listen to his stories.

I still like how he goes on about how digital camo is useless and its not as cool as Coast Guard uniforms. >>...

I have a feeling he's going to be one of those Jodys
I have never been harassed or verbally/physically attacked in my entire life as I have since joining the Army. People find out I'm a soldier and comment about how I've wasted my life or I'm a murderer... And it's almost always by Americans. Americans who later complain about not having freedom, not getting paid enough, or having poor health care. They've obviously never seen how little I get paid or been to an Army medical center. Americans are so incredibly lazy and rude. I also feel like all their pride is fake. how can you be proud of a country that willingly would let their people suffer to make on political party look bad?

Right... He's in HS, he doesn't have any stories I haven't heard or I would find interesting...

lul. The coast guard has better uniforms than digicamo? Right...
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