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First you need to know the circumference of the cuff, then divide that number by how many pointy bits you want in your final ruffle.

(Circumference) / (Number of points) = (Width of one point)

Convert that single point width into a measurement figure, based on whatever system you use (inches or mm). Because of the slight gain that happens when measuring and marking by ruler, you might want to reduce the point width number by 1mm or 1/32". (If you don't offset it now, it will all be thrown off later.)

Now, take a strip of fabric or paper that you can use as a pattern. Make the length equal to the cuff circumference, and the width equal to the length of your cuff triangles.

Start from one end. We'll consider this mark 0. This will signify one edge of one point. Take a ruler and mark 1 point width away from it, along that edge. Keep going all the way across a long edge, and you will have marked the bottom boundaries of all the little points you need, and they will be equal. You should end pretty much precisely at the other end of the strip.

To mark the top points, you need to mark the opposite edge of your pattern strip. Make one mark halfway between two marks on the bottom edge - these will be the tips of the triangles. Do it all the way across.

Connect the dots, and you have equal triangles. Now you can transfer this into your glove pattern.
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