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Originally Posted by Michieru
Now I'm lost................ I thought we were going to do something for the New England Cosplayers besides the lower half? What ever happened to the Six Flags plan for Massachusetts? Things go so fast now a days its hard to keep up with.
I think the NE in this case stands for "North East"... which I think has been edited since to prevent confusion. But yah! No worries, you just got the wrong thread ^_^*

Uhm... *looks around* Had anything changed? Still the same day/place and all... have we set a meeting time or any restrictions or rules?

Just bein' nosey. ^_^ We're already starting to plan for the trip up and deciding on costumes here. Unfortunately Monoyasha may not be able to make it, so we might be leaving a bit early so we can hang with her back in DE.

[edit] *notices she says "we" alot* No I don't have multiple personalities! lol. I am speaking for mosty of the 'MD crew' and the 'DE crew' ^_^

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