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For those interested, this effect is very similar to what Clarity does in Adobe RAW or LightRoom. It works great for grunge inspired photos, photos of mechanical works, anything that you want a harsh and gritty effect. It does not work so great for softer photos, like female portraits where you want sharpening but don't want the lighting to appear harsh and don't want to highlight all of their blemishes. I eventually stopped using this method and just started using filters/sharpening/unsharp mask. Unsharp mask will enable you to sharpen edges, like eyes and hair, without detailing every blemish and wrinkle on a persons skin. Of course, if that's what you're aiming for, then unsharp mask can do it as well. I only write this because if you've been using this method, you might want to try out unsharp mask for all of your softer works.
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