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Yes, there should be 3 rolls on the sleeves instead of 2.

The only things I would note would be the ribbon on the collar looks a little off because it's shiny (I'm assuming a satin ribbon?) while the rest of your costume is matte, maybe you should consider using bias tape instead to get a better look.

Also your bow is a little droopy, you can fix that by tacking up the corners of the bow. And the 'v' in your skirt should be shaped more in a 'v', it looks like it's straight across ... maybe it's just because it's on the dressform?

Other than that it looks great! I'd love to see the boots and gloves ^_^

Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Unless you are planning to make the version where they have the transparant 3rd one that looks weird..I don't know the name of it..
That's not Sailor Moon, that's the the other Sailor Scouts, that's in Super S, where Sailor Moon becomes Super Sailor Moon, and she has completely different sleeves and skirt.
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