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Originally Posted by VulsaviiK View Post
I only know one person IRL who plays EVE, and between him and what I've read I've been led to believe that people who play that game are cray-cray, and very dedicated.

Him and his friends he used to play with would rarely actually spend money on the game, but they'd go for an all-weekend session and throwdown like, $100 each to buy stuff, which for 8-12 people.... You see where I'm going with this
Mmm, the ol' wallet warrior. I used to do that. Then I got robbed by someone I'd flown with for 18 months. By the way, everything he says about EVE is true.

I've actually begun to decommission all of my EVE ventures so I can allow my five EVE accounts to go inactive. I'm trying to save time and money for cosplay.
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