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Blackmoon Cosplay

Name of Commissioner: BlackMoon Cosplay
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Witch Hunter Robin: Robin Sena
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Wig- (I took this picture, the colour looks darker than it actually is)
Timeline: These were two separate orders. I ordered the wig first, was not able to make it to the convention, then ordered the necklace later that year to be ready for the next convention. I ordered the wig in January and put myself in the time slot for May, and ordered the necklace in October and put myself in May again. Everything was here on time, many days in advance.
Describe your Experience:
Pros:One of the great things I loved was she was very honest with what was going on with the current item. When she was having trouble with the necklace she told me right up front.
Another great thing is she has a Twitter account where she updates a couple of times a week with what percentage things are complete. So I knew exactly when she started my necklace. She also does not care if customers email to ask how things are going.
For the items them self,
The wig looks perfect. All I thought of was the handle bars, but when I saw the picture I realized she had even considered Robins bangs for styling. Also the colour looks great and I love the back, it looks so natural.
The necklace is perfect too. The red stone looks realistic, not a cartoony, plastic like others I have seen. And the sculpting is wonderful, the top of the necklace has the same ridges as Robin's where the string goes through.

Cons: The only thing was her Twitter was not updated for a little bit when I knew my necklace was being made, but as soon as I emailed she promptly replied with what was going on.

Comments: I really recommend her for any wig or jewelery items needed because from personal experience they are wonderful. Slots fill up quickly for convention months though so it is ideal to get a quote from her quickly. Whenever I need a new wig or item for a costume I may someday make in the future, I will definitely return to her once again.

Final Grade: A+
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