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Pokéthon: Pokémon at Otakuthon!

This year, Otakuthon will be hosting its newest sub-event, Pokéthon during the convention!

We will have a variety of Pokémon programming, including video game challenges, a trivia contest, plenty of panels, and of course, a cosplay meet-up and photo shoot!

The photo shoot will be on Saturday afternoon, exact time TBA. I will probably go as Serena from Pokemon X and Y, though I may try to put together a new costume before then.

If you'd like to get updates and learn more about Pokéthon, you can Like and follow us on our Facebook page! Hope to see you there!
I am the Co-Organizer of Pokéthon, a new Pokémon sub-event at Otakuthon in Montreal!
Follow us on our Facebook page!
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