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trixy view on costume con nya!!

its a secret con but let trixy spoil the secret out nyahahhaaha!!<3<3<3

if you want info any just bug them a lot ^^ nyahaha!! iam good at it right guys and girls^^
they need more info on theyr webpage more info more often then just once in a while(exemple :see last info if february and then next info is may)
so let bug them or offert help ^^ so it can be less secret hehehe^^

so in trixy word

your new to costume con and your from anime convention then no worry
anime cosplayer are costumer too^^ it just we make costume from anime rather then tv show or original but its ok ^^
they have all the same categorie in the maskerade
from novice to master
waa impress witht the hight costume quality well no worry theyr master your novice so yeah no worry there just enjoy your time as a novice ^^

you wonder what gonna happen ........ya me too i wonder that too haha
so it make 2 of us wondering what will happen^^

but nothing less
let just make more friend take picture outside with nice view of the area^^ lets chat and chat some more then we can compete in various competition there its gonna be fun ^^

yes i know after 5 or 6 ish pm theyr not much to do we all have to go eat but right after ther party and maskerade and stuff like that so yeah!! let go there toguetter and enjoy the show or you would rather be in the show ^^ and have your minute of glory nya!!

then after that we can maybe go hang out at the consuite... what that well its just the room were you go hang out with friend and have some snack and breuvage ^^ and wach tv all toguetter or just talk and talk some more ^^ or event party for the next convention that win the chance to host one right ^^

aww you think you have see the dealer room well go look some more dealer are friendly artist too and maybe your eyes did not see all they were too look?? let go walk again in there we might found tresure laying around ^^

nah there no pannel you like for now but we could maybe go eat at that lil restaurant everybody were talking about no?? or just relaxe some more before the next pannel or the next thing ya wanna do^^

well the con almost over noooooo!!
its time to take all info on our new friend make a round and ask for people facebook or email right^^
last time you see them for at least one year maybe ya wanna be a lil bit more with them instead you might event want to go see before it close the costume exibition before they take it in and all^^
or maybe ya wanna register for the next year ya why not ^^

ooo sad time its over say good bye =-=
will talk on msn on facebook yeah!! ill miss you all see you next time friends

were no one is...there i should hide and awaite.....
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