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I'll add to the "spam" here I guess... I'm soon to be a Black Butler cosplayer, Sebastian to be exact, and to be honest I am not sure how to feel about it. I mean of course I am excited to be cosplaying one of my favourite characters, don't get me wrong, but I haven't cosplayed something fully "mainstream" since Edward Elric in 2006. I don't count my Kurama cosplay because while he was mainstream, I feel I did something enough to that cosplay to make it stand out enough from the scores and scores of other Kurama cosplayers in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom. The reason I am so hesitant against mainstream is because I kind of feel like I don't have anything to make Sebastian "mine" at this point - well, I'll be specific, I have nothing to make him "mine" and still enjoy wearing the cosplay. I'm a sucker for his regular, plain jane, butler outfit, and that's the one of course that's been done the most. I know all of this probably sounds pathetic, but hey every cosplayer likes to stand out in some way right? I know I will still absolutely enjoy wearing this costume when I finally get everything together and finished, which will take another three weeks or so, but part of me is still really wishing I had heard of this series I year or so ago ^^;
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