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Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post
I find it really weird coming from anyone who is not a woman over the age of forty-five, but that's just me. This practice seems to be common among younger women who know each other well enough to do so. Familiarity is key; doing it offhand always reads as condescension to me.
Originally Posted by UsakoLuna View Post
I call all my friends Hun or sweetie, but try to avoid doing the same to strangers or coworkers.

I don't find it condescending when someone does it to me. But I'm pretty easy going about a lot of random term of endearment
^sup yo.

When coming from someone who I am friends with and it's clear that their tone is meant to be endearing or playful I am not really bothered.

When it's from a stranger, even if it's a woman, it does bother me but to various extents depending on the situation.

The old southern woman at the gas station going through Arkansas calling me 'sweet heart' bothered me, but didn't make me offended or particularly angry. Just rubbed me the wrong way.

The middle-aged man old enough to be my father who was staring at me like a piece of meat calling me 'honey' while getting way too close in my face offended me and upset me.

And for the record both situations I've been in and where not just made up to talk about how creepy guys are.

At the gas station I forgot my wallet and told the owner of the little gas station I'd leave my drink on the counter while I went out to the car. She told me it was fine to take it to the car while I got my wallet and don't worry 'sweet heart'.

The man was the owner of a shitty run down Waffle House my mom and I where eating at while traveling around the south. He was trying to get me to sign an application for work there and was staring at me with this intense lecherous stare. My mother made us hurry up, threw out the application he gave me, and never brought me back there.

Originally Posted by UsakoLuna View Post
She seems to think that because their mom filled their tank once that she'll do it again and again all winter. And she sleeps in a tank top and shorts and refuses to get a heated blanket or even just another blanket. Spoiled brat.

Gf told her not to put the heat above 67. It's a smallish apartment with all new insulation. Once you take the chill off its nice and cozy.

She's a spoiled brat alright. Is that Girlfriends house and she's just letting Sister stay? If so Girlfriend better put down some solid rules about how her house is run.

Bitches be disrespecting the rules >:I
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