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Originally Posted by OtakuSpark View Post
So, I have a legit question, but I don't think it merits its own thread, so I will ask here. When someone on the Internet calls you hunny, darling, or sweetie, do you find it offensive or condescending? I recently got chewed out for doing so, and I was not trying to be rude at all! That is just how I am. But should I be more aware of it, or was the other person overreacting? I really want honest opinions.
I think they need to calm the hell down.

Nothing is offensive unless you want it to be, and I'm sure you wouldn't say such innocent things like "honey" if you wanted to be rude.

Generally if someone takes offense to something I said that I didn't want to be offensive I stop talking to them, forever. Then again talking to me for a prolonged period of time and not being offended is pretty much impossible.
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