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Originally Posted by OtakuSpark View Post
So, I have a legit question, but I don't think it merits its own thread, so I will ask here. When someone on the Internet calls you hunny, darling, or sweetie, do you find it offensive or condescending? I recently got chewed out for doing so, and I was not trying to be rude at all! That is just how I am. But should I be more aware of it, or was the other person overreacting? I really want honest opinions.
Depends on the context. I've learned it's a bit of a regional thing in places where it's more common to hear it from random strangers with good intentions. Tone can be easily misinterpreted on the internet (especially in certain cynical corners of the internet), so it may be better to avoid terms of endearment altogether unless that person knows you.

The only one who will hear those terms from me, generally speaking, is my doggie. That is, when I'm not calling her "fuzzbutt" or "fluffmuffin."
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