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1. Inspiration: Truely one of my favorite things (even thoughI do not play it) is World of Warcraft. I always wanted to do a cosplay a character from it but all the girls outfits are showy for the most part to I designed my own, still with it's own edge but much less showy. It will be an Elf with long raspberry colored hair the theme is gold, black, and the raspberry/pink like color. Also credit to all the wonderful artists on DA and they're amazing elf designs <3 It's either my next or the one after the next in line for being made.

2. I like to make up a backstory because it creates a better set of what colors your cosplay should be made around, whether it's more of a elegant costume or a warrior type outfit. Truely I find it difficult to not have one.

3. It's fun to design your own characters. The freedon of doing what you want and not having to follow a picture makes for simpler times. It's a fun challenge to make your own costume and make up all the details yourself without someone pointing out little things that you need to add or do. You can just have freedom and make a work of art.
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