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Aren't these issues floating unresolved the result of a monopoly? I don't think there's really a dedicated cosplay (Not something cosplayers take over for cosplay, like Facebook) social website the size of out there (I don't know if ACP qualifies...) for english speakers, so even with the problems, it still retains the user base. Complaints ongoing, it's not making the visibility of the website go down any, regardless of the hurdles it is in usage. Heck, you see people using this as a cosplay social outlet while uploading/linking their photos elsewhere all the time.

But I disgress on the subject.

A lot of the complaints since the makeover (Many outlined here) are due to stylesheet, code that is not compatible across browsers, incomplete functions --- I don't know what process CosCom works on behind the scenes for accomplishing projects, my outlook as an observer and someone who actually *does* development on websites and software applications is:

CosCom needs a qualified website designer. I'm not talking outputting awesome new features, it's just a sense of fixing what is broken on major browers. But even then, picture post-processing, upload and storage is not just website design, even moreso considering the traffic generated by this website.

I've seen an ad for a designer for CosCom on the internet months ago, so I know they were/are hiring. Slowness in outputting features might be partly caused by that --- but it's all just theory.

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